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Economic Development Priorities

As a Council we are clearly focused on the City's competitive advantages and economic strengths and our Economic Development Strategy 2009 - 2014 demonstrates this focus.

The Council recognises that there are many important economic activities that exist within the City, however the Economic Development Strategy is based on the areas where the Council can add value and make the most difference.

The strategy focuses on four priority areas:

The strategy was developed with strong stakeholder consultation through the Council's Economic Development Advisory Forum - a high level external advisory group comprising 20 of the City's key academics, developers, business owners and industry groups.

*New Economic Development Strategy*

Council have endorsed the new City of Hobart Economic Development which is currently being designed into a user friendly format.  New key priority areas for 2013-2018 are to:

  • Understand the economic drivers for a local or regional community
  • Understand the weaknesses, vulnerabilities and opportunities within communities
  • Seek to broaden the economic base and minimise impacts
  • Establish strategic alliances and relationships with existing or potential businesses or markets both domestic and international

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