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View of Battery Point and Hobart City

This section of the website provides information for new and existing businesses, investors, entrepreneurs and developers wishing to operate in the City of Hobart. It provides the latest economic information, statistics and business news to assist with making informed decisions.

Located in southern Tasmania, the City of Hobart is the State's Capital and provides a wide range of experiences and opportunities for business in the areas of:

  • Retail and wholesale trade
  • Tourism / food and beverage industry
  • Arts and culture
  • Scientific research
  • Education
  • Property development.

Hobart is the business and commercial centre of Tasmania and the seat of State Government. While Hobart's economy is diverse, it is clearly oriented towards the service industries that support public administration.

On any given day, the City may host up to 48,700 residents, 46,000 workers, 33,000 students and a large number of shoppers and tourists.

In this section

  • Why do Business In Hobart?

    Details on the various lifestyle benefits for living and working in the City of Hobart.

  • Economic Profile

    This section covers areas such as resident population, demographics, working population, employment, business and residential housing, development, commercial accommodation, education and tourism.

  • Key Industry Sectors

    This section lists Hobart's key industry sectors and relative share of employment.

  • Economic Development Priorities

    The Hobart City Council's Economic Development Strategy 2009 - 2014 focusses on the Council's priorities for inner city development, facilitating office based activity, expanding higher education and growing the research sector.

  • Business News

    Keep up to date with Council's business initatives and related news from Hobart's business sector.

  • Further Information and Support

    More information about Council's Economic Development Unit, Council strategies and plans, useful resources and links.

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